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Psychoeducational Assessments

Viewpoint psychologists provide psychoeducational assessments to help identify areas in which students excel or need support. Psychoeducational assessments for giftedness or learning challenges provide specific recommendations to help students achieve their full potential.

Benefits of an Assessment

Psychological assessments offer one way to understand the learning needs and abilities of students who are underachieving or capable of learning more than expected by the standard curriculum for their grade. Formal assessments provide objective measures of a child’s performance relative to their peers and help identify their unique strengths and limitations.

Psychoeducational assessments may be used diagnostically to identify intellectual, learning, emotional and behavioural concerns affecting a child’s ability to succeed in school. They may also provide support for applications to gifted programs for students who may benefit from advanced learning opportunities.

Understanding My Child’s Learning Needs

Parents often become concerned about their child’s learning when there are signs their child is not reaching their potential. You and your child’s teachers may have noted your child puts in significantly greater effort than other students or needs extra support to maintain grades. Or, you may have noticed your child consistently completing work more quickly than their peers, exceeding grade-level expectations, or expressing that school is uninteresting. Other signs your child may benefit from an assessment may include:

  • Indicating less interest in learning
  • Complaining about or avoiding school
  • Saying the work is too difficult or too easy
  • Struggling to focus or being disruptive in class
  • Straining to organize or complete assignments
  • Expressing sadness or worries about school
  • Disengaging in class or from learning or peers
  • Lagging behind peers in reading, writing or math skills

If your child is showing signs he or she is not reaching his or her potential, an assessment can provide valuable information about your child’s abilities. Specific recommendations can help you understand how to improve your child’s learning experiences, reduce barriers to your child’s potential, and provide guidance through the next several school years. Information gathered in the assessment may also help identify learning disorders, such as AD/HD, dyslexia, or dysgraphia. An assessment may also recognize emotional concerns, such as depression and anxiety, that may be affecting your child’s ability to learn.

Applying for Gifted Programs

Psychoeducational assessments may be used when parents or teachers believe a student’s abilities are not fully recognized within their current academic program. In conjunction with other academic or subjective information about your child, a formal assessment may provide information to help your child qualify for gifted or talented programs.

Gifted and talented programs typically determine which tests are required for entry into their program. These tests provide scores that describe your child’s performance relative to other students and indicate whether your child can maintain their program’s standards. Your child’s assessing psychologist may determine if other tests are necessary and will ensure that these provide information about the intellectual, academic, creative or leadership qualities each school’s programs may require.

The Feedback Session

At the end of the assessment process, your child’s psychologist will arrange a feedback session to inform you of the assessment’s overall findings. Your child’s assessing psychologist will discuss recommendations, a plan for helping your child move forward, and provide copies of the formal written report. You may choose to share this confidential report with your child’s school to help teachers understand your child’s learning profile, adjust their teaching methods, and/or create an Individual Program Plan (IPP). Based on the confidential written report, your child’s school may apply to modify the curriculum, access funding for extra supports, or approve academic accommodations for provincial exams.

Collaborating with Your Child’s School

Psychoeducational assessments provide quantitative and subjective information about your child, but do not guarantee your child will receive needed support or be placed in a gifted program. Parents should collaborate with teachers and school administrators to use the formal assessment report to develop positive and appropriate educational plans for their children.


$800.00 base rate for gifted assessments
$1900.00 base rate for psychoeducational assessments
Base rates comprise the typical assessment tests for each type of assessment. If additional tests or measures are needed, these will be discussed with you before the psychologist moves ahead.

Viewpoint Calgary Psychological Services provides psychoeducational assessments for Prairie Land Regional Division #25. We are very pleased to have worked together in supporting rural schools since 2017.

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